Germany will assess the ethics of using AI in fighter new generation

The German authorities formed a working group whose main task will be to assess the ethics of the use of Autonomous artificial intelligence systems in FCAS fighter of new generation. As writes Flightglobal, the formation of the band started back in 2019, but then it consisted of only the Ministers of defence and foreign Affairs of the States interested in the development of combat aircraft. Now the group includes experts from Airbus, Institute for communication, information processing and ergonomics behalf of Fraunhofer, as well as several other universities.

The working group should determine what kind of tasks it will be possible to trust automatic systems, artificial intelligence, and which must be addressed solely by the people. To the last the researchers will take a decision on the use of weapons and the use of weapons against people. In addition, the working group will have to identify the basic functionality of artificial intelligence systems for the fighter FCAS given the fact that in different countries participating in the project ethical standards may vary.

Formally, the development of the fighter FCAS began in February 2020, when France and Germany signed an agreement on joint creation of a new aircraft. The lead developer of the fighter of the FCAS project was the French company Dassault. The project also involved the European aircraft manufacturing concern Airbus. What characteristics will have a long-term Franco-German fighter is still unknown. In the air force of Germany and France, the new fighter will have to replace fourth-generation aircraft — Dassault Rafale and the Eurofighter Typhoon.

Currently the project works are at the stage of determining the technical image. By mid-2021 developers to identify key technologies that will be used in the new combat aircraft, and prepare its preliminary design. Take the new aircraft into service is planned in 2040-ies.

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