Germany will require all gas stations to charge electric cars

All German petrol stations will be obliged to provide the function of charging electric vehicles, is reported in terms of the stimulus provided by the Ministry of Finance of Germany. In addition, the government will double the subsidy in the purchase of electric vehicles with three to six thousand euros, as well as investing in research in the field of batteries and other components of electric vehicles.

Authorities in many developed countries planning in the coming decades is almost completely go to electric cars. They already have strengths compared to conventional cars with internal combustion engines, including no harmful emissions and often better dynamics when driving. But their universal distribution constrain the shortcomings of the current generation of electric cars. One of the main problems is in charge: it is necessary to carry out often, usually every 200-300 kilometres, but the process takes a long time, from one hour to several hours.

Usually States that support the transition of their citizens on electric cars, help them with subsidies that significantly reduce the difference between the prices for comparable electric and petrol models. But the technical shortcomings of electric vehicles is not affected. In early June, Germany’s Finance Ministry presented a package of measures to deal with the crisis caused by the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, as well as to stimulate further development, the overall size 130 milligram dollars. Big block in this document dedicated to state support of electric vehicles.

Several measures for the development of charging systems. The government plans to require all petrol and diesel filling stations to provide the option of charging electric vehicles. In addition, the document noted that it is necessary in the near future to develop a unified system of payment charging. The document also notes that the state will support the introduction of charges in public institutions, such as hospitals, sport complexes and others. These measures, as well as support research in the field components of electric cars, Germany is planning to allocate 2.5 billion euros.

The state will also double its share of subsidies for electric cars cost up to 40 thousand euros from three to six thousand (three thousand subsidized by the manufacturer). The document contains other innovations relating to electric transport.

Other countries also impose government measures to spread charging stations. For example, the UK introduced a requirement that all new homes should be equipped with them, and without this new house cannot be put into operation.

The classic charging stations there is a very popular alternative in the form of fast charging stations. The driver can call on her and the station will automatically change the discharged battery charged for a few minutes. Recently a Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles Nio announcedthat owners of its issued machines have used this service 500 thousand times.

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