Google and Hyundai unveiled the next generation of unmanned vehicle

Yandex introduced the fourth generation unmanned vehicle, which this time was created together with engineers from Hyundai Mobis. The drone is made on the basis of the Hyundai Sonata equipped with lidar, including the side, the new cameras with different focal lengths, as well as radars, which are now installed on the roof, according to a press release received by the editors N+1. The total mileage of drones Yandex now has reached five million kilometers.

Yandex has presented its Autonomous car in 2017. Then engineers used Toyota Prius — this hybrid is often used as a platform for unmanned vehicles due to the ease of integration of computers and other equipment for electronic control of the vehicle. The company then launched a large test program in our country, and also launched two test of the service unmanned taxi in the city of Innopolis and SKOLKOVO. And at the end of 2019 Yandex has announced about the creation of lidar and camera units of its own design for use in UAVs.

The company intends to create a universal hardware-software complex, which can be relatively easily adapted to different car models. She plans to use it in a future service which will be a hybrid of taxi and car-share, and also supply to other manufacturers. It is assumed that one of them will be Hyundai — in 2019, the company signed an agreement on joint development of prototypes, and later a full-fledged driverless cars fourth and fifth levels of autonomy.

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