“Google Map” learn to calibrate the camera

Google has updated its maps app for Android and added to it the possibility of calibration using the compass and using the card. During this process the smartphone at the surrounding houses, road signs and other visible objects to determine their location and direction, using data from Google Street View. To the not yet submitted to Google the function drew the attention of the website 9to5Google.

In 2018, Google revealed at its annual conference I/O an early prototype of a new feature for “Google Maps” — navigation in augmented reality where the user sees the signs and arrows superimposed on the world in the camera. The function is based on a set of algorithms, which, according to Street View and user photos uploaded to the service, computes the location. After testing on a limited number of users the company has released this feature in mid-2019, and then made it available in most countries, including.

For the most accurate positioning and especially determine the direction of the application “Google Maps” until recently, were periodically offered the user to hold kalibrovka compass: it is necessary to move the mobile, describing them in the air eight. In General, this calibration worked well, but not always, and besides, it is simply inconvenient.

In mid-July, 2020, the users of the application Google Maps on Android found that the company without a public announcement has added the ability to calibrate the maps using the camera. Judging by the interface of this function, it is based on the same algorithms, and navigation in augmented reality.

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