Growth retardation in children associated with air pollution during pregnancy

Stay women in terms of air pollution fine dust in the first trimester of pregnancy delayed the physical growth of the child up to the age of four. According to the article, published in the journal Environment International, for boys the risk is higher than for girls.

Air pollution is one of the oldest environmental problems caused by man and affecting his health. In, for example, it has become the cause of reducing life expectancy by nine months. To assess the level of contamination is possible online maps-Moscow data can be found on this website. There are studies confirming the negative impact of polluted air that I breathed in the pregnant women on the health of infants immediately after birth, but this relationship on the example of older children previously have not studied in detail.

Scientists led by Serena Fossati (Fossati Serena) from the Institute of global health in Barcelona studied the impact of urban air pollution nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and PM2.5 (fine particles smaller than 2.5 microns, fine dust), health and physical growth of children in their first four years of life.

To this end, they agreed to cooperate with the 1724 women who spent the first trimester of her pregnancy in one of four regions of Spain: Asturias, Gipuzkoa, Sabadell or Valencia. The choice of the first trimester as the critical period, the study authors explained that it is characterized by the most rapid fetal development and plays a crucial role in the development of his cardiovascular system.

The researchers used data of background environmental monitoring stations for NO2 and PM2.5, comparing them with the first trimester of pregnancy women. Monitor the health of children included measurement of blood pressure, and waist circumference, assessment of their height and weight on standard scales who and blood tests lipoprotein immediately after birth and upon reaching the age of four. Also were surveyed mothers to see their way of life.

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