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Measures to combat the pandemic now has led to a sharp slowdown in economic activity in many regions of the world. Only in China observed reduced production by 15-40 percent in all key industries. There is a sharp curtailment of the transportation industry around the world, including — for the first time over the last decade — the demand for air travel, leading to lower demand for oil and petroleum products.

Look at the sky

The economic crisis and restrictions on movement have led to local improvement of air quality in many regions of the world. CNN reported about the unintended benefits of closures — unusual blue sky in Chinese cities. According to the Ministry of environmental protection of the PRC, in February 2020, the number of days with good air quality increased by 21.5 per cent compared to the same period of 2019.

One of the major pollutants is nitrogen dioxide — NO2. He has a General toxic effect, increases the risk of respiratory diseases, and enters into the atmosphere mainly during combustion of nitrogen-containing fuel components. The main sources of NO2 are vehicles with internal combustion engines, power generation facilities, heat supply and industry.

Since the concentration of nitrogen dioxide reacts fast to changes in human activities and is easily amenable to observation, she often acts as a marker for monitoring air quality and allows you to make indirect conclusions and the presence of other pollutants.

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