Head submarine project “Lada” went for upgrades

Diesel-electric submarine “Saint Petersburg”, the lead ship of project 677 “Lada”, 7 April 2020 went to Kronstadt to undergo maintenance and modernization. As writes Mil.Press FlotProm, the submarine performs a surface transition from the base on the Kola Peninsula, accompanied by the rescue tug ship “Pamir”.

Submarine “Saint Petersburg” was founded in 1997 and launched in 2004. In 2010, the ship entered into trial operation, which military experts reveal shortcomings of the ship design to correct them in future submarines, as well as fulfill the new technology.

Displacement submarine project “Lada” is 1.8 thousand tons with a length of 66.8 meters and a width of 7.1 meters. The ship can develop underwater speed to node 21, and its working depth is 300 meters. The submarine is armed with six torpedo tubes caliber of 533 mm ammunition 18 torpedoes.

In the construction of submarines of project “Lada” used several new technical solutions which can significantly reduce the noise of these vehicles. Speech, in particular, is a new protivoradiolokatsionnoy coverage of the case.

In the submarine equipment, in the process, which can be the vibrations, installed on antivibration mountings. In addition, the structure of the power plant of the submarine used a multi-mode the main propeller permanent magnet motor, running quieter, in General, a conventional asynchronous motors.

Finally, the submarine project “Lada” made polutorakratnoe. In this arrangement, a durable case is only partially covered by a light housing filled with water when submerged and air for the ascent. Polutorakratnoe scheme compared to dvuhkonusnyj allows to reduce the dimensions of a ship to enhance its maneuverability and to decrease the time of immersion.

What works on modernization of the submarine “Saint Petersburg” will be held, has not yet been disclosed. In the beginning of 2018 , it was reportedthat in 2020, the Central research Institute of ship electrical engineering and technology jointly with the Krylov state research center will complete the development of anaerobic power installations for submarines.

Then it was reported that the first of these will be mounted on the head submarine project “Lada” “Saint Petersburg”. Anaerobic power due to the installation of the submarine project “Lada” will be able to stay under water for up to 45 days.

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