Helicopters hundredfold rock natural arch

American geologists
studied the effects generated by the blades of the helicopter low-frequency vibrations on
fluctuations in natural geological formations such as arches and towers.
It turned out that vibration from the operation of aircraft can be in resonance with
shake natural stone formations and enhance them to one hundred times. These
values are not enough for instant destruction, but they can damage
breed with regular exposure, said the authors at the Congress of American
geological society.

Wind and water can
to create a soft stone such as limestone, various education
complex shapes, including towers and arches. The latter often are at the high
the rocky shores of modern seas, but also in large quantities are
in the territories that once were the bottom of the sea. In particular, six thousand
arches is known in the territory of Utah, the mountains which formed
the result aramiska orogeny tens of millions of years ago.

Natural arches occur
in the size range of the order of meters to nearly one hundred. Many of them attract tourists, but because of the location in remote places
often tours are conducted by means of helicopters. In particular, a large arch of rainbow bridge
in Utah, a height of 88 metres available on the ground after only 3 – or 4-day Hiking
campaign, so most of the more than 85 million annual tourists see it from
boat or aircraft.

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