Helicopters will get a augmented reality system for safe landing on the deck

Researchers from the Munich technical University have created an experimental augmented reality system for helicopters, which is designed to facilitate landing on the deck in severe weather conditions, including strong pitching, fog and rain. As written by Aviation Week, now the system is being tested in the simulator the helicopter deck.

Pilots of carrier-based aircraft often have to fly in difficult weather conditions. In rough seas the pitching of the ship can be significant and unpredictable, becoming complicated by the poor visibility due to rain or darkness at night. In such circumstances, the slightest error of the pilot can result in a crash. The new augmented reality is designed to give the pilot an exhaustive amount of information for a safe landing.

The system consists of a computer module mounted on Board the helicopter and connected to an external thermal imaging and electro-optical cameras as well as helmet-mounted indicator pilots. While approaching the vehicle the system automatically recognizes its hangar deck and allocates it to the image transmitted to a helmet-mounted display to the pilot.

In addition, the system automatically calculates the position of the helicopter and its speed relative to the landing deck. This data is also transmitted to a helmet-mounted display. Finally, taking into account all calculations, the system gives pilots advice on controlling the helicopter, including the alignment of the relative speeds and positions of cars.

In the near future, the developers intend to complete the self test of the system on the helicopter simulator and invited to participate in several professional pilots with different flight experiences. Reviews pilots about the system will be considered in its finalization. When the developers of the technical University of Munich intend to start commercialization of the system is not specified.

Today few companies in the world engaged in the development of augmented reality systems for helicopters and airplanes. Such systems are intended primarily to ease the takeoff and landing in conditions of poor or even zero visibility. Some us military helicopters today are equipped with augmented reality to allow you to safely land in zero visibility.

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