High-speed helicopter, SB>1 clocked faster than 200 knots

Promising multipurpose high-speed helicopter, SB>1 Defiant, being developed by a consortium of U.S. companies Sikorsky and Boeing in mid-June 2020 made its first flight at speeds over 200 knots. As writes Breaking Defense, during testing, the car clocked up to 205 knots (about 379,7 km / h). Now developers are preparing the helicopter for a test flight at the design speed of 250 knots.

Test new aviation equipment are carried out in stages with a gradual complication. In mid-January of the current year SB>1 made its first flight at speeds more than 100 knots. This is one of the most important markers when testing a new high-speed helicopters. Later the car was tested at speeds of 130 knots with the landing gear retracted. Before the helicopter carried out all flights issued under the safety requirements of the chassis.

The development of the SB>1 is carried out in 2015. In the advanced helicopter used achievements obtained during the development and testing of demonstrator of high-speed helicopter X-2 and S-97 Raider. The ground speed of the helicopter is 13.6 tons. It can reach the speed of 250 knots and can carry 12 Marines. The machine is constructed by coaxially scheme with a tail pusher propeller. SB>1 currently participates in the tender U.S. Army for development and delivery of high-speed multi-purpose helicopters.

In the US Army SB>1, if it is military it will be adopted, will replace the aging multipurpose helicopters UH-60 Black Hawk. The helicopter of this type is capable of speeds up to 193 units. The Defiant competitor on the tender of the US Army is the tiltrotor V-280 Valor, which deals with the development company Bell Helicopter. This device has already passed the advanced test phase, during which it flew at a speed that is slightly greater than 280 knots cruising.

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