Highly upgraded Albatros tested ultimate loads

The Czech company Aero Vodochody has conducted stress tests of the fuselage promising training aircraft L-39NG Albatros. As writes Flightglobal, during the test, the fuselage of the aircraft received minor damage at a static load of 110 percent of the maximum estimated. The test was deemed successful.

Static tests are one of the stages of the endurance test for verifying the compliance of real design parameters calculated. Such tests allow to check the reliability and long-life structural elements of new aircraft.

During static testing a particular element of the plane is loaded with special equipment to determine how the structure withstands constant loads. The specialists appreciate the safety of design by giving her maximum load.

The developers of the aircraft deliberately stopped testing at the first signs of damage to the fuselage, not leading to its destruction. Last stress test the fuselage of the L-39NG it is planned to send other checks, including testing the ejection system pilots.

Previously, Aero Vodochody announced the postponement of the completion of the certification, L-39NG for the third quarter of 2020. At the end of 2020, the L-39NG will receive the full type certificate which will allow you to use the aircraft for advanced pilot training.

L-39NG represents a deeply upgraded version of one of the most common training aircraft L-39 Albatros. The latter was produced by the Czech company from 1971 to 1996. The upgraded aircraft was the composite wing and lost additional fuel tanks, which have a basic Albatros is located on the wing tips.

Instead of the Soviet jet engine AI-25TL for L-39NG put us upgraded FJ44-4M. In addition, the L-39NG installed new avionics. A total of L-39NG has received more than 800 new components, assemblies and systems.

L-39NG has performed its first flight in September 2015. Its based on one of the gliders old L-39. From mid-2016 was carried out to develop an entirely new airframe for the L-39NG. The first flight of a completely new training aircraft took place in December last year.

Length L-39NG is 12 meters, and a wingspan of 9.6 meters. Maximum takeoff weight of the plane is 5.8 tons. L-39NG can reach the speed of 775 kilometers per hour and to perform flights on distance to 2,6 thousand kilometers. A training aircraft equipped with five suspension points for different types of weapons weighing up to 1.2 tons.

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