Honeywell announced the creation of a quantum computer with quantum record volume

The American company Honeywell has announced the creation of the quantum processor with the largest to date, quantum volume equal to 64. About it it is reported on the website of Honeywell.

Quantum computers can outperform classical in many tasks, such as simulation of complex molecules or the decomposition of large numbers into Prime factors. However, to solve useful tasks necessary to control millions of qubits. Physicists are still in search of suitable physical platforms for realizing quantum computing.

Google and IBM are engaged in a superconducting quantum processors, but there is an alternative — qubits based on cold ions. With such qubits is the company IonQ, MIT Lincoln Lab, Oxford Ionics and Honeywell.

In order to evaluate how good a quantum computer, independently of the physical implementation, it is possible, for example, use the metric, called quantum volume, which was introduced by IBM last year. The quantum volume is equal to 2n, if managed successfully to run n-cubanow program 2n operations. This experimental feature allows for mistakes operations, the number of qubits, the topology of communication and correlation between errors. We can say that the volume shows how complex problems can effectively solve a quantum computer.

Previously, IBM was able to make superconducting quantum processor with a capacity of 32 (n=5), which was a record. Honeywell announced the creation of a computer based on cold ions quantum volume 64 (n=6).

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