How to monitor Starlink satellites?

In General, the naked eye can see and many other satellites, not only in the coming months. This is possible because the solar panel flat antenna and other elements of the spacecraft falling on them reflect the sunlight. Usually flying companion looks like a star moving across the sky, and more recently, it was possible to catch the bright flashes of the Iridium satellites. But with the Starlink situation is somewhat different.

SpaceX plans a few years over the Earth will fly tens of thousands of vehicles Starlink (by the end of 2019, the us regulator has approved a “constellation” of satellites 12 thousand, 30 thousand pending approval of the International Union Electroseti). Therefore, the satellites run frequently and a lot — 60 pieces per run. After launch they turn to us, observers from the Ground, glowing in a long line, slowly moving across the sky.

But this beauty is fleeting for several reasons. First, the satellites Starlink hold tight column relatively short, a few weeks after launch, and then fly to their jobs in orbit. Secondly, even at night they are visible every day, but only during certain periods. And finally, third, astronomers are very unhappy with the same, which pleases us, and because the company is the Mask is going to darken the next batch of satellites, so they do not interfere with the scientific observations.

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