Hybrid coating from an old PCB, and monitors reinforcing steel

Australian scientists have converted used printed circuit boards, glass and plastic from the screens in the hybrid coating. For this electronics waste is shredded and heated in an inert atmosphere. The resulting coating has improved the mechanical properties of steel: its hardness was improved by 125 percent. A study published in the journal ACS Omega.

Usually with recycled materials to produce the same materials from waste glass to make glass, plastic, plastic. However, waste electronic devices consist of many components that are difficult to separate. High temperatures in the absence of oxygen, wherein the dissolved toxic components, such waste can be turned into useful materials.

Rumana Hossain (Hossain Rumana) and Vienna Sahajwalla (Veena Sahajwalla) from the University of New South Wales proposed a method of recycling parts from electronic devices and the creation of reinforcing steel coverage. The authors chose for the recycling of glass from old computer monitors, plastic case and printed circuit boards that 40% is composed of metals (mostly copper), 30% of organic substances and another 30% are ceramics.

Glass and plastic crushed into powder and heated half an hour at a temperature of 1500 degrees Celsius in an inert atmosphere. As a result, the researchers obtained nanowires from silicon carbide and carbon residues, which are then mixed with the crushed printed circuit boards, was applied to a steel plate and stand 15 minutes, at a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. The authors investigated the chemical composition, structure and mechanical properties of the recycled material.

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