If a turbid lake Baikal?

This question can be answered in two words: no and no. The lake really a lot of problems, but a sharp decline in water transparency are not included.

Institute more than 70 years of watching the state in the water column of lake Baikal is the so — called “Point No. 1”. We are monitoring the pelagic fixed stations (this is the “Point No. 1”), located on the southern Baikal, opposite the village of Bolshie Koty on the distance of 2.7 kilometer from the shore, where the depth of the lake is 800 metres away.

Every two weeks we collected samples of phyto – and zooplankton. Simultaneously with the collection of plankton samples, measured temperature and water clarity. Water clarity is determined using a white Secchi disk, it is measured in metres — this value indicates at what depth visible the disk.

These data allow to judge about the state of the water column Baikal over the past decade. Thus, in the period from 2010 to 2019 transparency of the water in an open deep-water part of Baikal amounted to an average of 14.5±0.3 meters, the maximum value was 34 meters, and the minimum is 5.5 meters.

Below — a graph of the fluctuations of transparency:

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