In Android have built-in Braille keyboard

Google has introduced a built-in onscreen keyboard with bryleva font for devices on the Android operating system version 5.0 and above. Detail about it it is reported in the company blog.

In common operating systems for both desktops and mobile devices, provides functions to facilitate the work of the blind and visually impaired users. Usually, we are talking about programs that read the text aloud and give voice to user interface elements. To solve the problem of text input is more difficult — despite the fact that there are very real Braille keyboard and even tablets for the blind, standard smartphones because of the focus on touch interfaces is not adapted for text input.

Android built-in feature voice screen is called TalkBack and the developers of Google has expanded its capabilities by adding a built-in Brilevo keyboard. Keyboard focused on the widespread restitutional system, and the role of keys to perform an extensive screen area.

It is assumed that the user is holding the smartphone’s screen from himself and prints with six fingers while pushing the desired number of points for each letter. Also, the keyboard allows you to edit the text and send it.

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