In Antarctica recorded a new record heat

The Argentinean research station “Esperanza”, registered record heat in Antarctica. 6 Feb 2020 air warmed to 18.3 degrees Celsius, according to the world meteorological organization.

In Antarctica in 1983 was recorded the lowest temperature on Earth for the entire history of temperature measurements, it was -89 degrees Celsius. But on the continent is relatively warm (although the average temperature in the coastal regions of Antarctica is usually about -10 and rarely rises above five degrees Celsius).

Record heat recorded on the coldest continent, is 17.5 degrees Celsius — this temperature was recorded on 24 March 2015. The measurements were carried out at the Argentinean research station “Esperanza”, located in the North of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Now the measurements at the same research station has set a new record. February 6, 2020 at the station “Esperanza”, recorded a temperature of 18.3 degrees Celsius.

It is worth noting that we are talking about the highest temperature on the mainland, and not about the temperature in the Antarctic region. Here, the record heat was registered in 1982 on the island of Signy, which is located at a considerable distance from the Antarctic Peninsula — then the air temperature was 19.8 degrees Celsius.

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