In Botswana found a fragment exploded in the sky of the asteroid

In Botswana, on the territory of national Park “Central Kalahari”, found a fragment of the asteroid in 2018, LA, which is June 2, entered the Earth’s atmosphere and exploded over the Western Africa is the second case in history when the asteroid was discovered by astronomers before the fall, and then on the ground managed to find its wreckage. About the discovery reported by the press service of the University of Helsinki, whose staff identified the area of possible fall of the meteorite.

Asteroids is called the cosmic body the size of one metre, the smaller objects are called meteoroid. They should not be confused with meteorites — this term denotes the object has already fallen to the Ground. Two-meter asteroid in 2018 LA was discovered the morning of June 2 using the telescopes of the Catalina Sky Survey project, when he was still beyond the orbit of the moon. About 8 PM Moscow time he entered the atmosphere over Africa at a speed of 17 kilometers per second and disintegrated before reaching the Earth’s surface a few kilometers. Infrasound data collected by the monitoring system Treaty Organization comprehensive nuclear test showed that the explosion took place above Botswana. Local residents captured the event on camera.

This is the third case in history when scientists were able to register the near-earth object before it fell to our planet. Still, the researchers were able to predict the fall of the near-earth asteroid in October 2008, when Sudan over the exploded object, 2008 TC3, and in July 2014, when the asteroid 2014 AA entered the atmosphere over the Atlantic ocean. And only in the first case it was possible to find fragments of the celestial body.

After the explosion, the fragments of the asteroid were scattered over a large area. Computations that was held by the group under the leadership of Peter Jenniskens (Peter Jenniskens) from the Institute of SETI and the Finnish observation network fireballs (Finnish Fireball Network — FFN), allowed to identify the possible fall zone, which fell on the territory of Africa’s largest national Park “Central Kalahari”.

Scientists from the Geophysical Institute of Botswana and several universities together with accessions researchers from other countries within five days explored the region until June 23 they were not able to find a meteorite the size of a few centimeters. The discovery will allow not only to determine the chemical characteristics of the asteroid, but rather to “calibrate” the system warning about possible falling of asteroids. The meteorite in accordance with the laws of Botswana after examining be transferred to the national Museum.

In late June,n scientists found fragments of the meteorite, which fell in the Lipetsk region for a few days before. Test your knowledge in the field of meteoritics in our test Laboratory”meteoritics”.

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