In Dubai appears a control system for drones and toneport

The authorities of Dubai, the largest city of the United Arab Emirates passed a law Sky Dome, under which the development of the city’s network of unmanned cargo and passenger routes, and a network konopatov. As written by Aviation Week, the law was approved by President of civil aviation authority of Dubai Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum.

Dubai — one of the few cities in the world engaged in research in the field of urban unmanned aviation: freight, air taxi, and various city services. In this city already held a large-scale test Chinese air taxi company EHang and German Volocopter.

The Drone Dome law prescribes the organization of the system of certification of drones in Dubai, the licensing of unmanned flights, and the establishment of the Department for investigation of flight accidents related to such products. In Dubai will also appear a control system controls the flight of drones.

It is assumed that the dispatch system will work in conjunction with the system established under the legislative initiative of the Dubai Shield. This project involves the creation of systems to protect important infrastructure from drones offenders.

Finally, in Dubai it is expected to organize a small toneport. They will be loading and unloading cargo drone maintenance units. In fact, it will be small, similar to airports, which will be based drones.

Earlier, then company Hoversurf conducted tests of its Scorpion in Dubai. This unit is developed as a means of individual mobility including urban environment. During the tests, the device crashed due to a malfunction of the barometer. The pilot was not injured.

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