In Egypt have found a mummy of a teenage girl with a dowry

A team of Spanish and Egyptian archaeologists discovered at the necropolis DRA Abu El-Naga, which is located on the West Bank of the Nile near the city Luxor, a wooden coffin with the remains of the mummy during the reign of the pharaohs of the XVIIth dynasty (XVII–XVI century BC). The coffin, found near the entrance to the tomb of the Treasurer of Queen Hatshepsut, might have left there by ancient tomb robbers. The remains belong to a teenage girl of 15-16 years, and with it, the archaeologists found jewellery, presumed to be her dowry, reported on the website of the Higher Council for scientific research of Spain.

The necropolis of DRA Abu El-Naga is part of a large system of the Theban necropolis is located on the territory: in it, mostly, were buried close to the pharaohs of the XVII–XVIII dynasties, although it is assumedthat there are tombs themselves kings of the time — at least three. One of the most famous archaeological excavations in DRA Abu El-Naga tomb of djehuti, Treasurer of Queen Hatshepsut, who ruled during the New Kingdom of Ancient Egypt and belong to the XVIII dynasty of pharaohs.

The coffin of a teenage girl, archaeologists, headed by Jose Galana (José Galán) found a few meters from the entrance to the tomb of djehuty, near the entrance to the temple of mud brick (Adobe), built around the year 1600 BC. The coffin is made from a single piece of sycamore, with a length of 1.75 meters and a width of 0.33 meters: it had traces of whitewash and red paint.

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