In Japan have found fragments of the fallen meteorite

In the city of Narashino were found fragments of the celestial body, which two weeks ago, exploded over Japan. As reports the edition, The Japan Times, citing national Museum of nature and science Japan, to confirm the origin of the fragments has been based on the analysis of their composition.

July 2 around 2:30 a.m. local time, residents of Tokyo have noticed over the city a bright flash that was accompanied by a loud roar. The cause of the event, as shown by the calculations, was the passage of the meteoroid through the atmosphere with a diameter of 1.6 meters and weighing 5.5 tons. Subsequent analysis of Japanese Amateur SonotaCo meteor network showed that the object entered the dense layers of the gas envelope of the Earth at the speed of 15 kilometers per second. The energy of the explosion was 150 tons in a trotyl equivalent.

After the event an aerospace engineer Shinsuke Abe (Shinsuke Abe) from Nihon University in his Twitter reportedthat the meteorite could have fallen in several cities in the Chiba Prefecture. And yesterday the Japan Times told about the finding of two fragments weighing 63 and 70 grams in Narashino. Local resident 2 Jul found one of the fragments in the common corridor of a residential complex, and after two days she found the second fragment in the yard because of the rain, the iron contained in it had time to oxidize and become rusty.

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