In Kamchatka found settlements vanished culture of breeders

Archaeologists have found in the valley of the Kamchatka river in the center of the homonymous Peninsula the tracks of hundreds of large settlements which have arisen in V–VII centuries, according to the Institute of archaeology RAS. The economy of this archaeological culture was based on hunting, fishing and intensive use of sled dogs.

Information about the culture of Kamchatka natives before then colonization of the XVIII century scholars draw mostly from the reports ofn explorers. The first one was Cossack Vladimir Atlasov, who visited Kamchatka in 1697-1698 and marked the beginning of bringing the local population in tributary dependence on Moscow state. However, his news is extremely stingy. He claims, along the Kamchatka river there was a “Posada, the great” on 300 — 500 Yurt and many “FORTS” with a population of 150 — 200 people. How it was arranged, these settlements still remains unclear.

The geographer Stepan Krasheninnikov, who studied Kamchatka in 1737-1741 years, mentioned, among other things, santalo — the inhabitants of the territory around the lake Azabachye in the East of the Peninsula, which “was before this and nice and crowded, so that one jail more than two miles in length stretched”. However, in his time of entaltsev there were only 120 people and memories of past prosperity has been preserved only in oral tradition.

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