In mitochondria naked mole rat found a manifestation of the “program of anti-aging”

In naked mole rat cells found another mechanism, which protects it from oxidative stress. This enzyme geksokinazoj that he is associated with the mitochondrial membrane and reduces the number formed by the breath of free radicals. It can be considered a manifestation of the “program of anti-aging”, as in short-lived mice, its amount and activity are declining with age. Work published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Despite the fact that most modern gerontologists consider aging as an inevitable consequence of processes that occur in living organisms, some groups of researchers believe it is programmed phenomenon. Usually they explain the existence of the “programme of aging” from the perspective of benefits to the population as a whole. And as examples of the program give different animals that die soon after mating — for example, salmon or Australian marsupial mouse.

However, it is still not entirely clear what the aging program could be the level at which it is implemented.n gerontologist Vladimir Skulachev suggested that the answer to this question is the concept of phenoptosis, altruistic cell death in the animal body. According to this concept, in the aging of cells should die more often, which leads ultimately to death.

However, the idea of the program you can understand and Vice versa. Maybe it’s not that some process deliberately kills cells, and that in the body of an aging animal deliberately disabled the process protection against the causes of aging. And this inaction can be viewed as an accelerated aging program and the protection processes — as “the program of anti-aging”. To detect it, researchers usually compare the long – and short-lived animals from as close as possible to each other species. A classic pair — this is a laboratory mouse (lives 2-3 years) and the naked mole rat (over 30 years).

This time the trail of a “program of anti-aging” a group of researchers under the leadership of Vladimir Skulachev found inside mitochondria. The fact that there is one of the most significant causes of aging — free radicals. And they appear during the last stage of energy production in the cell. To create a supply of energy currency of cell (ATP), the mitochondria uses the difference in ion concentrations on both sides of its inner membrane. In memebrane space accumulates a lot of hydrogen ions (protons), which cannot penetrate the membrane themselves, and on the membrane of a potential difference. When protons open the channel, the energy of their movement through the membrane the cell uses to create ATP. Therefore, the higher the potential difference the more energy from ions to.

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