In Monaco built a high-speed motorcycle with cooling with dry ice

Monegasque company Voxan Motors has introduced a new version of Wattman electric motorcycle, with which she plans to 2021 to break the land speed record for electric motorcycles in one of the categories. The bike uses carbon fiber body with a low drag coefficient and the cooling system of the motor and batteries by using solid carbon dioxide, reports Electrek.

The electric motorcycles started to develop later than electric cars, and yet do not occupy the same position in the market. However, to date, the creation of electric motorcycles are already engaged in many companies, including one of the most famous manufacturers of the classic gasoline motorcycles Harley Davidson.

One of the advantages of electric vehicles before Bessonova and diesel is that the motors at any speed given your peak torque, while the internal combustion engine torque divided by revs unevenly. This allows the electric motorcycles and electric cars accelerate very quickly. However, the maximum speed electric motorcycles still significantly lag behind gasoline. The current record for motorcycles with a partially closed housing is 479,849 kilometers per hour and belongs to the Suzuki GSX-R1000.

Voxan Motors plans to break the record for electric motorcycles without a sidecar with drive to one wheel, partially streamlined body and weighing more than 300 pounds or “I. A1.B VII +300kg” as classified by the International motorcycle Federation (FIM). The current record in this category in 2019 established ryūji Tsuruta (Ryuji Tsuruta) on a motorcycle Mobitec EV-02A, speeding up to 329,319 kilometers per hour.

To this end the company assembled a new version of the motorcycle Wattman, which was originally presented in 2013. The new version was the engine power 317 kW or 425 horsepower, and battery 15.9 per kilowatt-hour. To cool the motor and battery the bike is a tank, in which before the race will put dry ice. Also for low aerodynamic drag on the bike installed a streamlined carbon fibre body.

An attempt to set a new record scheduled for July 2021. Driving will be Max biaggi (Max Biaggi), which is a total of six times became the world champion in motorcycle sport in two categories. The races will be held at the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia at the altitude of 3650 meters.

It is possible that before a record in its category, will establish the Voxan Wattman will also set a new absolute speed record for land vehicles. The British company Bloodhound LSR in 2019, has conducted a series of tests of their rocket car, accelerating it to speeds above 100 miles per hour without turning on the main engine. The goal of the developers is to overcome the barrier of a thousand miles per hour, or 1609 kilometers per hour.

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