In Novgorod found the castle tower of the XVI century birch bark

The Novgorod archaeological expedition discovered on the banks of the Volkhov, remains of the fortress walls and towers surrounding the city — the outer line of the fortifications of the medieval Novgorod. Adjacent to the estate, archaeologists found five birch-bark, two lead seal, silver coin, chess figure and a battle-axe. This was reported in the press release of the Institute of archaeology RAS.

The study plot at the Sofia embankment refers to Nerevsky end — one of five ancient districts of Novgorod, located on the Sophia side (the left Bank of the Volkhov river) to the North of the Detinets (Kremlin). Roundabout, the town represented a line of earthen fortifications. Stone tower Roundabout of the city began in the late XIV century, as evidenced by the entry in the Novgorod IV chronicle.

In 1580, in anticipation of an invasion by Sweden during the Livonian war, in a Roundabout, the city was rebuilt. In particular, there was a dam built along the river, and the wooden walls and towers. These fortifications remained there until 1701, when Peter I, again waiting for the arrival of the Swedes, tore down the dilapidated fortifications of Novgorod and replace them with new.

The Foundation of one of the wooden shore towers Dolanski and found by the archaeologists. During the construction the Foundation poured with the soil of neighboring properties and researchers have discovered various tools, coins, crucifix and other dropped objects, the earliest of which date back to the XII century.

Next to the tower found the remains of a city estate with traces of fire in the layer of the turn of XIV–XV centuries (the Novgorod first chronicle, a major fire in Nerevsky end happened in 1407). After the fire, the manor was rebuilt. It archaeologists have found five birch bark letters. One of them is the draft of the will on two sheets (there was also a third, but it was not found).

Also on the estate found two lead seals, including the name of the Posadnik Fedor Danilovich, about which written sources it is known that he held the highest position of the city until 1435.

Also, found a silver coin that 1430 years, chess piece, battle-axe and the remains of boats, dismantled for building materials.

In the previous season, the archaeologists found the stone sarcophagus Novgorod XII – XIII centuries, and in the season of 2018 — a large collection of hanging prints.

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