In Primorye, launched the first Russian tanker of type “Aframax”

Then shipbuilding complex “Zvezda, located in the city of Bolshoi Kamen Primorsky Krai, 12 may 2020, launched the first tanker of type “Aframax”n-built project 114К. According to the message of the enterprise, preparation for launching, named “Vladimir Monomakh”, took nearly a day.

The construction of the tanker “Vladimir Monomakh” was conducted shipbuilding complex “Star” in 2018. The length of the vessel is 250 meters, width of 44 meters. The tanker has a deadweight tonnage (maximum load) of 114 thousand tons and able to move through the sea at speeds of up to 14.6 per node.

As noted bmpd, “Vladimir Monomakh” was built in our country only partially. Technically sophisticated bow and stern section of the tanker built by South Korean company Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries. It is at its draft tanker of type “Aframax” basedn project 114К. Sections were delivered the by sea. On then shipyards were collected only cargo section of the tanker.

As expected, the full localization of production of tankers of “Aframax” project 114К will not happen before the 2024-2025 year. In total, the complex “Star” received orders for the construction of 12 tankers of the “Aframax”, four of whom, not counting the “Vladimir Monomakh”, are already being built by the seaside company. Under the current plan, the first five tankers of “Aframax” get the company “Rosneft”.

Shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” was founded in 2009 on the basis of far Eastern shipyard Zvezda shipyard, working since 1954 and involved primarily the repair and disposal of warships, including nuclear submarines.

The complex was founded as a joint venture of the United shipbuilding Corporation and South Korean company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering. Then side controls 80 percent of the project. The construction is carried out in two stages, the first of which were completed by 2018.

In the first phase was built the hull block production, paint booths, outdoor heavy slipway outfitting and freight transfer dock. In the second place, with a planned completion by 2024, will enter dry dock and the additional production departments of a complete cycle for the construction of large vessels and marine equipment.

The construction of the dry dock began in 2018. It will be the largest dock in our country. It is to be used for the construction of large vessels, including the Arctic LNG carrier project “Arctic LNG”, nuclear icebreakers and tankers of “Aframax”. The length of the pool will be 485 meters, a width of 114 meters and a depth of 14 meters.

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