In Russia began development of a rescue ship far sea zone

Central marine design Bureau “Almaz” has begun to develop a rescue ship far sea zone for then Navy. As writes Mil.FLOT Press with reference to sources in the Navy and the military-industrial complex, new ships will have to replace the rescue project 1452 “Pamir”.

Rescue tugs of the project 1452 was developed in the late 1960s — early 1970-ies and delivered to the Navy until 1983. In total for the Soviet Navy constructed four of the vessels, three of which are used by the military so far.

The rescuer project “Pamir” has a total displacement of 4.1 thousand tons with a length of 92.6 meters, width of 15.4 meters and a draught of 5.9 meters. The maximum speed of the ship is 19 knots, and a cruising range of 15 — thousand nautical miles.

The vessel is equipped with a diving complex with one chamber, the Supervisory chamber and four fire monitors with a capacity of 500 cubic meters per hour. A tow vessel designed to rescue 16 people.

The development of a new rescue vessel to replace the ships project began in 1452 the end of 2019. It is assumed that its displacement will be about 5 thousand tons with a length of 100 meters, width of 18 meters and a draught of 5 meters. The ship can operate in ice.

As expected, the design squad will get Shahty rescue bell with the possibility of descent to great depths. In total for then Navy can be built 8-10 new vessels.

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