In Russia recorded the first death from COVID-19

In Infectious clinical hospital № 2 of Moscow died an elderly patient diagnosed with coronavirus infection reported by the health Department. This is the first case of death from COVID-19 in our country.

A woman at the age of 79 years died of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus. “Death was caused by pneumonia on the background of very severe comorbidity: diabetes mellitus type 2, arterial gipertenzii, condition after stenting of the coronary arteries, coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, aorta, chronic pulmonary hypertension, urinary stone disease, cerebrovasular disease,” — said on the website of the Department.

On March 13 the first time she was hospitalized, March 14, at the request of the relatives transferred to a private medical institution, but after getting test results on the coronavirus (they were positive) woman was placed in state institution — Infectious clinical hospital № 2 of the Department of health of the city of Moscow.

There the patient was marked in a separate box. She had increased respiratory distress. The chief physician of hospital Svetlana Krasnov said: “the Patient was provided with complex intensive therapy in intensive care. Tactics consistent with the main extraordinary specialists of the Department”. However, to save her failed.

Set who had any contact with the patient. None of these people have severe symptoms coronavirus infection. However, they are under medical supervision.

The world health organization (who) remindsthat especially careful should be people older than 60 who have diabetes, cardiovascular disease or respiratory conditions. This is due to the mechanism of penetration of SARS-CoV-2 in cells: with age a person becomes more receptors able to let in a virus. So the elderly is particularly important now to avoid crowded places and contact with people who came from places with a large number of cases of infection with coronavirus.

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