In the alleged disappearance of the substance mercury has accused the solar wind

Astronomers have found a possible solution to the problem of perioadele ejected in the collision of mercury with a large body substances back to the surface of the planet. It turned out that it could dissipate in the space of a powerful stellar wind from the young Sun. Article published in the journal of The Planetary Science Journal.

Mercury has an abnormally large iron core whose radius is more than 80 percent of the radius of the planet (Earth, for example, the figure is 50 percent), which makes the bulk density of the planet big. For several decades, there have been many hypotheses to explain the origin of mercury and its unusual properties, which suggests that either the planet was originally formed from the substance of the protoplanetary disk, which were more iron than silicate, or of substances similar in composition to chondrites, but in the first hundred million years after its formation, the planet has survived a collision with a large body, the size of which could range from one to six thousand kilometers, leading to the loss of a large part of the outer layers.

Christopher Spaulding (Christopher Spalding) from Yale University and Fred Adams (Fred Adams) from the University of Michigan decided to study the problem with the impact theory, which is that a significant portion vaporized in the collision of matter of mercury had to condense into solid spherical particles of centimeter sizes and to remain on the trajectories that intersect the mercury that would result in this deposited substance on the surface of the planet for ten million years. Scientists have suggested that effectively remove mercury emitted from the substance could help the pressure of the solar wind. To test this idea, astronomers have constructed a model in which the ejected particles from mercury’s silicate mantle centimeter in size, moving on a Keplerian heliocentric orbit, affected the flow of the stellar wind from the young Sun, which was 10-100 times more intense than the current one.

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