In the Crimea was first discovered fossils of whales from the Caucasus

Paleontologists have found near Kerch the remains of several individuals Pozdniakova whales sort Zygiocetus, reported in the reports of then Academy of Sciences, series “Science of life”. Previously, these animals are not found in the Crimea, however, in Adygeya there is the location of the remains of shiiet very similar to Kerch. Scientists suggest that there were whales that became stranded.

14-10 million years ago, in the Miocene, in place of the Black, Caspian and Aral seas was the Sarmatian sea, and the Crimea and the Caucasus were his Islands. In the Sarmatian the sea, judging from the fossil remains from various locations, lived baleen whales of the family cetateniei — relatives of the modern blue whale. They had quite a modest size (length 3-4 m), and feed on small aquatic organisms, filtering them like current baleen whales.

Family cetateniei included rod Zygiocetus, named in honor of the ridges. This is the word the ancient Greeks and Romans used to refer to tribal associations of Circassians and Abkhazians, who lived in antiquity in the North-West Caucasus. It was there (in the territory of Adygheya) in 2014, then paleontologists first discovered representative of the genus — Zygiocetus nartorum. Close to each other housed the remains of several whales and they were located like animals at the time, became stranded.

In 2018 the right Bank of the river Melek-Cesme five kilometers North-West of Kerch, the staff of the Paleontological Institute of RAS Boriska, Crimean Federal University named after Vernadsky and NAO “the Heritage of Kuban” found in the limestone reef, a nearly complete skeleton of cetaceans and fragments of skeletons of three other individuals: part of the skull, the bodies of the lumbar vertebrae, bones of the forelimbs. Are they were just as lies the bones shizitou in Adygea.

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