In the Krasnodar region found a hoard of Byzantine gold coins

found on the Taman Peninsula in
Krasnodar region, the treasure of the Byzantine
gold coins, minted in
the second half of X
About it reported in a press release
Institute of archaeologyn Academy of Sciences, received
the editors of N+1.
I believe that it was hidden in the period
the reign of the Byzantine Emperor
John I
(969-976). At this time, Rus captured the Taman
the Peninsula and the Crimea and based on
the territory of the Tmutarakan Principality.

the Principality existed in X-XII
before the transfer of territory under the control
Of the Byzantine Empire. It is believed that in
its territory consisted of Eastern part
Crimea, and part of modern Krasnodar
edge up to the foothills of the Caucasus, but
reliable data on the size of the Principality
no. Before the emergence of then principalities, the territory
was part of the Bosporan Kingdom
and the Khazar Kaganate. Tmutarakan
came under the rule of Kievan Rus in the
the second half of X
but when exactly is unknown. Perhaps
this happened during the conquest
The Khazar khanate in 965 (968 / 969) year
Prince Svyatoslav, either at the time of taking
Korsun (Chersonesos) Prince Vladimir
in the year 988.

identify the capital of the Principality, the city
Tmutarakan, with the medieval layers
settlement on the territory
the village of Taman. The city at this place
founded by the Greek colonists.
In the site of ongoing archaeological
work and in recent years researchers
a few burials, coins of different
periods and numerous fragments of pottery.

the finding was a treasure, consisting of 28
gold Byzantine coins. Archaeologists
found him on the territory of the settlement, which
the inhabitants apparently left in the XI
Some of the coins were a solid (calculating is the currency of Byzantium)
minted in the reign of the Emperor
Nicephorus II
(963-969). A majority — tetarteron
Emperor John I
(969-976). Tetosterone in the middle of the X-end
called coins, which were easier
solidus, the gold content in them was
about four grams (gold content
the solid was 4.55 grams).
Researchers believe that the treasure is buried
in the reign of Emperor John I. In this time formed Tmutarakan Principality.

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