In the Solar system found 19 candidates in interstellar objects

The astronomers found that more than half a dozen small bodies in the Solar system can be objects of the interstellar medium, which were captured at the dawn of the formation of the Solar system. This is indicated by their orbits and the nature of traffic on them. Article published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

Centaurs — one of the most interesting small bodies in the Solar system, they represent a transitional form between asteroids and comets. On their orbits strongly influenced by the gravity of giant planets, which they are unstable and can be greatly elongated, and the plane of the orbit may be significantly inclined relative to the plane of the Solar system. It is believed that through 1-100 million years, the centaurs will be ejected from the Solar system by interaction with the planets or collide with them or the Sun. This raises the question about the nature of these objects.

Astronomers Namoni Fathi (Fathi Namouni) and Helen Rich (Helena Morais) examined a sample of 17 famous of the centaurs, which orbit the inclination exceeds 60 degrees, and perihelion distance, as are more than three astronomical units from the Sun, and two TRANS-Neptunian object 2008 KV42 and (471325) 2011 KT19whose orbits are of a very large inclination, and the motion along the orbit is retrograde in nature.

The modern theory of Solar system formation suggests that it was supposed to be flat in the early stages of formation, to explain the appearance of the Main asteroid belt and the Kuiper belt. In addition, it is believed that in the past the region of the scattered disc and the inner part of the Oort cloud was devoid of substance because planetesimal disk could extend well beyond the current orbit of Neptune. Therefore, the idea that almost polar orbits of the centaurs can point to their likely capture from the interstellar medium to the early Solar system.

For all selected objects, estimating the stability of the orbit and simulated their trajectories 4.5 billion years ago when the formation of planets has ended. If the centaurs had a high orbital inclination in those days, they, most likely, was not formed in planetesimal disk. The idea got confirmation of the orbit of the selected bodies in the past were almost polar and were located in areas scattered disc and inner Oort cloud. This means that they can actually be the bodies of the interstellar medium, captured by the gravitational forces of the Sun. Now scientists intend to find out when it could happen like seizure.

Earlier we talked about how the Hubble has confirmed the beginning of the destruction of the nucleus of the first in the history of interstellar and comet Borisov as the first open interstellar asteroid Omwamwi astronomers recognized planetesimal out of his system.

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