In the suburbs found the skull of the Buffalo river

The staff of the Paleontological Institute of RAS Boriska found that was found in 1939 in the Moscow region the skull of a large ungulate belongs to the river Buffalo (Bubalus murrensis). Before these animals on the territory of then plain was not found. About the discovery reported in the reports of then Academy of Sciences (series “life Science”, volume 491, pages 125-129). Press release published on the website of the Palaeontological Institute RAS.

In the Pleistocene epoch (2,588 million — 11.7 thousand years ago) in Europe were found several species of large ungulates, including European river Buffalo (Bubalus murrensis). It is assumed that the animal, anatomically similar to modern water Buffalo (Bubalus arnee) from Asia, it is highly thermophilic, and its range was varied by warming and cooling events. During milenkovi, 425-337 and 130-115 thousand years ago, the river Buffalo lived on the territory of modern France, Germany and the Netherlands (ibid detect and the remains of the hippopotamus of the same age), and the distribution of glaciers of the Northern border of their area was shifted to the South of the Mediterranean. In, European river Buffalo bone has ever been found.

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