In the Voronezh region found the remains of Scythian women warriors and headgear made of gold alloy

scientists discovered in the forest-steppe zone of the Voronezh region burial four Scythian women warriors Dating from the second half of the IV century BC. Burial is remarkable that the skull of one of the women was wearing a fully-preserved headdress made of precious metals. Previously such caps were found in the steppe burials of the wealthy Scythian, reported in a press release of the Institute of archaeology RAS.

The Scythians are a people inhabiting the territory of modern Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the period from VIII to III century BC. They led a nomadic life and lived mostly in steppes and forest-steppes. Scythian burial mounds and necropolises found on the vast territory from Crimea to Tuva, where in 2018, was discovered the largest known Scythian burial mound with a diameter of 140 meters.

The new find was made in Ostrogozhskom district of Voronezh region in the group of barrows Girl V, which archaeologists began to study in 2010 in the framework of the don expedition of the Institute of archaeology RAS. The mound in which was found the burial, is a hill about a meter high and a diameter of 40 meters.

The mound has been looted in ancient times, about one to two centuries after its creation. In total, the mound was buried four warrior woman, but the robbers apparently found the remains of only two. The age of the buried women varies and is 12-13 years, 20-29 years, 25-35 years and 45-50 years.

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