In Yakutia found the first the Pleistocene the mummy of a lemming

paleontologists have described the mummy of a lemming that accidentally found a Yakut girl. According to scientists, this mummy more than 40 thousand years. The internal organs of the animal has not survived, but survived the skeleton and teeth, which allowed to determine its type. This is the first representative of the true lemmings, a mummy which has been preserved since the Pleistocene. Work published in the journal proceedings of then Academy of Sciences.

Despite the fact that the permafrost remains of animals decompose more slowly than in the thawing soil, mummified rodents in her rarely. Still Yakut zoologists there are only a few examples of such finds. For example, in 1946 there were discovered three mummies gophers, and in 1968 — five mummies voles. The oldest Pleistocene mummies was the discovery of 2012 — the body of a hoofed lemming Dicrostonyx sp. According to radiocarbon Dating, it is more than 50 thousand years.

In the summer of 2016 Yakut schoolgirl has discovered another frozen corpse of a lemming on the river Tirekhtyakh, not far from the site where it had already collected the tusks of mammoths. A group of Moscow and Yakut scientists under the leadership of Alexander Aghajanyan from the Institute of General genetics, Vavilov undertook to describe the discovery and to determine its specific identity.

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