Industrial robot taught to do massage

Engineers from the UK, China and Egypt turned industrial manipulator robot in the student massage therapist. We can identify the desired motion, and then he will remember them and be able to apply on other people, while maintaining a comfortable and safe level of depression on the back, say the authors of an article in Frontiers in Neurorobotics.

Robots have been trying to apply in medicine, but very often they are used as assistants for doctors. Primarily this is caused by fears for the safety and health of patients. Largely because of these concerns, in robotics, there was a separate direction for soft robots that can’t apply to people injured due to the lack of rigid components. But while this trend is only developing, the engineers preferred to use commercially available robots for medical tasks.

Engineers under the direction Shaoshan Lee (Li Shaoxiang) from the University of science and technology Qingdao taught industrial raboroko Kuka LBR to do a back massage. When you create a robot masseuse are several major technologically complex task: he needs to understand his pressure, not to hurt people, to be able to learn from the examples shown by the person, and be able to adapt the learned skill to a specific patient unique to the body proportions.

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