Israel electric passenger plane, will receive the light cooling system

Promising electric passenger plane Alice, developed by the Israeli company Eviation Aicraft, will receive the light cooling system. As writes Flightglobal, this system, called MicroVCS (Micro Vapor Cycle System, Microsystem steam cycle), developed by the American company Honeywell Aerospace. As expected, the cooling system will be installed to the prototype of Alice in July 2020 within the framework of the preparation of the aircraft for the first flight.

Promising electric and hybrid aircraft will require effective cooling systems that will be able not only to maintain a comfortable temperature in the cabin, but also to remove heat from the working of electric motors, batteries and on-Board electronics. In addition, these systems must be quite compact and light, since the extra weight will affect payload capacity and flight duration electric aircraft.

The details of the construction MicroVCS Honeywell Aerospace did not disclose. The developers claim that their system is significantly lighter than other cooling systems the steam cycle, and has fewer moving parts and practically no maintenance during the entire period of operation.

A typical cooling system of this type consists of a surge tank, piping, refrigerant, evaporator and condenser. In it, the coolant is pumped through pipelines from one heat source to another, and then, warmed up, enters the evaporator. There it enters the vapor phase, whereby the temperature of the coolant decreases slightly. The vapor then enters the condenser — a kind of radiator where it is cooled and passes into the liquid phase. Excess heat from the radiator will dissipate into the atmosphere.

Eviation Aircraft for the first time released the Alice project in 2017. The aircraft will receive three electric motors with pusher propellers and a battery of sufficient capacity for the relatively short regional flights. A prototype of the Alice is 12 meters long designed for 9 passengers, but in the future the developers plan to create a 22-seater version of the aircraft. The aircraft received small elongated wing sweep with a span of 13.5 meters and V-tail.

Electric motors with pusher propellers will be installed, one for the wingtips and tail. Maximum takeoff weight Alice will be 6.4 tons. The aircraft will be equipped with a battery capacity of 900 kilowatt-hours a mass of 3.2 tons. It is assumed that the first version of Alice will be able to fly to a distance of 560 kilometers at speeds up to 260 knots. At the end of February 2019 to the draft Alice joined the German company Siemens, which is engaged in the development of electric motors and energy distribution systems for future Israeli aircraft.

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