Israeli rebooter got a reconnaissance drone

Elbit Systems introduced an upgraded version of rebooter Seagull, standing on the armament of the Navy of Israel. As reports Defense News, advanced robot made reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle Skylark C ejection launch.

Rebooter Seagull was first presented in early 2016. Currently, several such devices are in service with the U.S. Navy. They are used to patrol naval bases, as well as to monitor the Israeli oil platforms and in order to anti-submarine warfare.

Seagull comes with a set of sonar and different sensors that allow him to effectively detect both large and small underwater objects. The robot is able to operate autonomously for four days, and its range is about one hundred kilometers.

Length of the robotic boat is 12 meters. It is equipped with two motors that allow it to reach speeds up to 32 knots. Seagull can carry a payload weighing up to 2.3 tons.

Thanks to the reconnaissance drone operator modernized rebooter will be able to significantly expand the field of view. In this case, the boat will act as a repeater for Skylark C. in addition, the drone could become a repeater for the Seagull, increasing the range of robocoder.

Skylark C is a drone-type aircraft launched from a catapult. Takeoff weight of the vehicle is 15 kilograms. The drone can stay aloft for up to 5 hours, and its range is 40 kilometers.

At the beginning of last year, China shipbuilding Corporation China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Company presented impact surface rebooter JARI USV, designed for anti-submarine warfare, attacks on ground targets and engage air targets.

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