Italian aircraft initial flight training certified

The Italian concern Leonardo completed the first phase of certification promising training aircraft M-345 is being developed for initial training of pilots. As writes Flightglobal, the certificate of the aircraft 8 may 2020 was issued by the air armaments and airworthiness of Italy on completion of the basic program of flight and ground tests.

The development of aircraft primary flight training M-345 is in Italy with varying success since the early 2000-ies. The plane is created on the basis of the obsolete training aircraft Aermacchi S-211, the production of which ceased in 1994.

Scheme M-345 has previously held three first flight: version M-311, M-345 and M-345 HET. Improvements in the directions M-311 and M-345 after testing has taken place because the design of the aircraft was found seriously flawed. Initial certification passed version of the M-345 HET.

It has a fully digital cockpit, the pilot. The aircraft received the engine Williams International FJ44-4M with a thrust to 16.9 kN. The perspective plane has a maximum takeoff weight 4.1 tons. M-345 can reach speeds of up to 795 miles per hour, and its flight range is 1778 miles. The aircraft is equipped with five suspension points for missiles and bombs weighing up to one ton.

To date, the Italian air force placed an order for delivery of 18 training aircraft M-345. While the military plans to acquire 45 of these aircraft, which would have to complement the Park’s existing training M-346 Master. The latter is used for advanced training of pilots before going on to fly fighter planes. Take M-345 into service is planned until the end of 2020.

In February 2020 American aircraft building concern Boeing has tested a promising training aircraft T-7A Red Hawk starting the engine in the air at a height of 6 thousand meters. During the test T-7A rose to a height of 6 thousand meters and switched off the engine. Off power unit aircraft flew about 48 seconds, then the pilots started it. The inclusion of the motor went flawlessly.

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