“James Webb” laid down in the flight configuration

Professionals working with the space telescope “James Webb”, successfully put it in the configuration in which it will be located under the fairing of the carrier rocket “Ariane 5” during the flight into space. The Observatory was left to pass three final tests, after which it will be ready for launch, which is scheduled for March 2021, reported on the website NASA.

Infrared space Observatory “James Webb” will be one of the largest and most complex space telescopes ever created. Its optical design represents anastigmat three-mirrorand the main mirror consisting of 18 separate segments and having a size of 6.5 meters in diameter, five times larger than the main mirror of the Hubble space telescope. From overheating and thermal noise of the optical system and scientific instruments to protect a five-layer protective screen. Place of work of the Observatory will be a halo orbit around the second Lagrange point in the system Sun — Earth.

The task of the Observatory will be a continuation and expansion of the Supervisory programs of the telescopes “Hubble” and “Spitzer”. In particular, the “James Webb” will search for the first stars and galaxies that existed in the era of Reionizatsii, to investigate the processes of star formation and forming planetary systems, to study the atmosphere of exoplanets and determine their parameters. The list of primary goals for a telescope was drawn up in 2017 and is still updated with new features.

The complexity of the creation and the high cost of “James Webb” has led to repeated postponements of the date of its launch into space and increase the initial project cost of up to 9.6 billion dollars. The current start date is 30 March 2021, however NASA is already planning to move again this time. One of the arguments of transfer is pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 where the number of specialists working with the Observatory, reduced to a minimum. Currently fully assembled telescope is located in the clean room of Northrop Grumman Space Systems in California, where engineers conduct tests of all its systems.

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