Japan refused foreign assistance in the creation of the fighter

The Japanese authorities decided that a promising fighter NGF, which will replace the ageing Mitsubishi F-2 shall be developed exclusively by Japanese companies with minimal foreign participation in the project. As reported by Reuters, the Japanese government rejected the project proposal of the American companies Lockheed Martin and Boeing and British BAE Systems, which had previously planned to invite to participate in the NGF.

The lead developer of the project NGF is a Japanese company Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Initially it was assumed that for a project of his plane Japanese designers can borrow the groundwork for the European fighter project FCAS or British Tempest or even almost entirely to European aircraft projects. Due to this, the authorities planned to reduce the development time of military aircraft and to some key technologies.

Earlier, Japanese authorities announced that the development of NGF will take about 15 years to enter the army new aircraft should begin in the 2030-ies. The project promising fighter Elasti impose several requirements, including a relatively small expenditure, obtaining technology of new generation fighters and high modernization potential of NGF. Overall, the project is the development of the fighter is estimated at $ 40 billion.

Among the reasons why the Japanese government decided to focus on the development of advanced fighter on its own — the successful testing of the demonstrator combat aircraft of the new generation of X-2 Shinshin and the inadequacy of the proposed Lockheed Martin, Boeing and BAE Systems projects requirements of the Japanese military. The sources Reuters the Japanese military-industrial complex said that in the future the decision on the participation of foreign companies in the project of NGF can be changed.

At the end of last year, the Ministry of defense of Japan published project the image of a fighter NGF, previously oboznachivshegosya military as F3 and Future Fighter. Image NGF, released by the Ministry of defense of Japan, shows the plane with deflected fins and missing horizontal tail. Glider fighter depicts tapered with a characteristic saw-tooth joints of some elements. Military aircraft scheduled to perform twin-engine. NGF, obviously, will receive the internal compartments of weapons. The plane will be made single.

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