Japan will take part in the lunar program “Artemis”

NASA and the government of Japan signed an agreement on further cooperation in the framework of the International space station and lunar program “Artemis”. It is expected that Japan will be able to supply components for the two residential modules of the lunar station, Deep Space and Gateway to develop the lunar Rover, reported on the website NASA.

The objectives of the program “Artemis”, launched by NASA in 2017, are the landing of astronauts on the moon starting in 2024, and the creation of international on-orbit lunar station, Deep Space Gateway, and a permanent base on the surface of the natural satellite of the Earth. It is expected that after the successful exploration of the moon people will be able to use it as a platform for manned missions to Mars. Now the company is actively developing a heavy carrier rocket Space Launch System, spacecraft (like the Orion or Deep Space Transport), space modules, space suits and Rovers to work on the surface of the satellite.

Currently in the program, besides NASA, are involved in the European (ESA) and canadian (CSA) space Agency and Japanese Agency aerokosmicheskikh studies (JAXA), Roscosmos, and Australian company. July 10, 2020, the head of NASA Jim Breidenstein (Jim Bridenstine) and the Minister of education, culture and science of Japan, Jaguda Koichi (Koichi Hagiuda) signed a Joint Declaration of intent (JEDI), which involves close cooperation in the framework of the International space station and the program Artemis, however, does not impose certain obligations on any of the parties.

At the moment it is assumed that Japan will be able to participate in the creation of the inhabited module of HALO (The Habitation and Logistics Outpost) and the international residential module for morden station Deep Space Gateway (read more about the device you can find in our special material), creating and providing individual components and to take the development of systems and technology required to operate on the surface of the moon, such as lunar Rover, which began last year, the company Toyota.

Previously, NASA has chosen three private American space companies that in the ten months to finalize their projects to the lunar landing modules of the “Artemis” with the support of the Agency.

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