Kitty Hawk closed the project personal multicopter Flyer

The American company Kitty Hawk closed the project personal multicopter Flyer, small-scale production of which was carried out from 2019. About it as informs Flightglobal, said CEO Sebastian thrun and the President of the division Flyer Alex Retter. According to them, the personal project of the quadcopter is completely exhausted.

“We have learned from the project all that was needed — learned the design, testing, production aircraft. And most importantly — learned how people perceive electric aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing,” — said in Kitty Hawk.

According to the company, for the duration of the project multirotor Flyer has made more than 25 thousand manned and unmanned flights.In total Kitty Hawk gathered 111 multicopter Flyer and trained to manage up to 75 people. Flyer — was the first full project of the aircraft sold to the American company.

Multirotor Flyer designed to carry one person. It is equipped with ten rotors, each of which is driven by its electric motor. The device is able to operate at speeds up to 32 kilometers per hour. A single charge of the battery of the quadcopter is enough for 20 minutes of flight. The weight of the aircraft is 113 pounds.

At the end of last year, Kitty Hawk announced the development of a new electric aircraft — single tiltrotor Heaviside. For the development of the device took the company about two years. Heaviside made according to the scheme of the aircraft of high-wing aircraft with canards. The device is equipped with 8 electric motors with propellers.

Pusher propellers are made on the rotary shafts they can be deflected downward 90 degrees.Heaviside, equipped with a wing span of 6.1 meters, capable of vertical takeoff and landing and flight in hover mode. The range of the tiltrotor is estimated at 160 kilometers, and a speed of about 250 kilometers per hour.

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