Koreans armed with a robot-sapper for the demilitarized zone

Brigade of special operations of land forces of South Korea have adopted the first ground of the robot-sapper MV-4, which will be used for clearing minefields in the demilitarized zone. As says by Jane’s, until the end of the year the military will get eight more such devices.

Robot MV-4 was designed by the Croatian company DOK-ING in mid-2010 years. It is a tracked machine with a length of 3.1 meters, width of 1.5 meters and height 1.5 meters. The weight of the robot is approximately 5 tons. It is equipped with a engine producing 253 horsepower.

The robot-the sapper can be equipped with drums, milling or Katkova a clearance system, the weight of which, depending on the equipment, is from 0.5 to 2.2 tonnes. The machine is equipped with electro-optical surveillance system and the range of its actions on the control channel with the operator is 1 kilometer. The robot is able to clear up to 2.2 thousand square meters per hour.

A demilitarized zone is an area of land that divides the Korean Peninsula into two parts: the democratic people’s Republic and the Republic of Korea. The width of the zone is approximately four kilometers and a length of 241 kilometers.

For a long time, a divided state was engaged in laying mines on both sides of the demilitarized zone to prevent the possible promotion of the armed forces on the territory of each other. 2018 is the process of demining of the demilitarized zone.

In mid-2010 yearsn army adopted a robot-sapper “u-6”. It can be equipped with one of five different trucks and bulldozer dumps. “Uranium-6” has four cameras providing all-round visibility.

The system is able to detect explosive devices and destroy them by the operator. Maximum power consume devices is 60 kg TNT equivalent. “Uranium-6” can clear terrain with a speed of three kilometers per hour (0.5 km / HR when working on stony ground).

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