Kronstadt cadets will receive the Autonomous catamarans

St. Petersburg Sredne-Nevsky shipyard started the production of four Autonomous catamarans. According to the message factory, after Assembly and testing of these devices, constructed according to the project “Catamaran-KK” will be transferred to the Kronstadt naval cadet corps.

Cadets will use the new Autonomous vessels for environmental monitoring in the Gulf of Finland, as well as for the development of the foundations of the administration of courts and the study of robotics.

Sredne-Nevsky shipbuilding plant will create the body of the catamaran. They are made of composite materials based on carbon fabric by vacuum infusion. This method involves the computation of the carbon fabric to the form, which is then sealed and the vacuum is filled with polymer.

Under the current schedule, four of the catamaran in may 2020 will be transferred to the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, where the court will set remote control system, motors, solar panels, and equipment for environmental monitoring, including analysis of samples of water, air and measuring radiation levels. Other details about the courts are not specified.

In 2017, then scientific production company “Geomatics” has presented a robot-catamaran designed for simultaneous surface and underwater three-dimensional mapping of the terrain. Data collection the office has been using sonar and lidar.

New robotic catamaran is able to map the underwater depth up to 150 meters. The range of the scanning surface is 120 meters. The robot is a floating sensor that collects and saves data, which are then processed on the computer after the test.

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