Loon was allowed to deploy communication in Kenya

The government of Kenya granted the company permission to Loon a network of stratosphere and communication in remote areas of the country. About this corporate blog written by the Executive Director of the Loon Alastair Westgarth. Deployment of a communication network will be made-to-order Kenyan Telecom operator Telkom Kenya.

The aim of project Loon is to create a communication network over large areas using transmitters on the balloons that hover in the stratosphere. Loon can provide communication in large areas worldwide, in remote areas or perhaps during natural disasters.

Signals from a single balloon can cover an area of 40 thousand square kilometers. If this Loon is not acting as a service provider and provides services to relay signals LTE. Each balloon is equipped with automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast and is the registration of HBAL.

The contract for the extension of coverage with Telkom Kenya was signed in 2018. Originally a network of hot-air balloons Loon was planned to be deployed before the end of 2019, but talks with the Kenyan authorities was delayed, and last year the American company managed to get only the permission to test system relay.

Now that Loon has received permission for commercial operation of hot-air balloons in the air space of Kenya, the deployment of their network will start in the near future. According to Westgarth, part of the stratospheric balloon will be launched in USA and will fly to Kenya in a few weeks. The other part of the stratosphere balloons will be launched in Kenya.

After the unification in a network of stratospheric balloons Loon in conjunction with Telkom Kenya will hold the final test. The exact date when it will start commercial operation Loon in Kenya, has not yet been disclosed.

In the middle of last year, the stratospheric Loon P-496, “daughter” of holding Alphabet, set a record flight duration. The aircraft, launched 18 November 2018 from Puerto Rico, held in the air 223 days; experts picked him up July 2, 2019 in the region of ICA in Peru.

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