Loon will deploy communication in Mozambique

African telecommunications company Vodacom has signed with Loon security agreement broadband for remote areas of Mozambique. As written by Aviation Week, aviation authorities of Mozambique and the Agency responsible for the allocation of frequencies, has approved the deployment of a network of stratospheric balloon in this country.

The aim of project Loon is to create a communication network over large areas using transmitters on the balloons that hover in the stratosphere. Loon can provide communication in large areas worldwide, in remote areas or perhaps during natural disasters.

Signals from a single balloon can cover an area of 40 thousand square kilometers. If this Loon is not acting as a service provider and provides services to relay signals 4G LTE. Each balloon is equipped with automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast and is the registration of HBAL.

Under the agreement with Vodacom, stratospheric balloon Loon will be deployed at the altitude of 19.8 thousand meters. They will be responsible for providing access to the Internet at 4G LTE in the provinces of Cabo Delgado and Niassa. Deployment timeline of when using Loon in Mozambique is not specified.

Loon, the company plans to start the flights of hot-air balloons over Mozambique in the next few months. These models will explore wind and atmospheric currents over the Mozambique, then to use the data obtained to hold a position over desired areas.

At the end of April this year, the Loon began testing a service for relaying the signals of 4G LTE in Kenya. Here stratosphere are used to extend the coverage of the Kenyan mobile operator Telkom Kenya. Currently, the company provides the connection of Nairobi, Nakuru and Nyeri and their environs.

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