Many iOS apps have stopped working because of the integration with Facebook

On 10 July, the iPhone and iPad users around the world are faced with the fact that I can’t access many third-party apps, including TikTok, Viber and Yandex. Probably the problem is related to a component of the application responsible for integration with Facebook. In may 2020, a bug in the new version of this component has led to similar problems in third-party applications.

Most of today’s popular applications contain many components from third party developers. It can be an Analytics service that allows the developer to understand how users interact with their app, the function of sign in with Google + or Facebook to facilitate the registration or service advertisement. On the one hand, it extends the capabilities of applications and in General makes it more convenient for users. On the other hand, it shifts the responsibility for the performance of the programs on the shoulders of third-party companies, and the price of failure is increased: instead of one application at the same time can fail thousands.

After July 10, the users of different applications are massively confronted with the inability to run apps from many developers, their creators have analyzed the errors and found (1, 2) that they associated with the work of Facebook SDK that allows you to use login via Facebook and other functions. Also the problem in Facebook SDK indicated the developers of Yandex services. Later, the programmers of Facebook acknowledgedthat its code has really increased the frequency of faults in applications, and promised to solve the issue.

As a temporary solution, some developers and journalists suggested either to run the application without network access, or to use a VPN with blocking trackers and ads.

Previously, the same situation occurred in early may. Then the developers Facebook acknowledged the error and corrected it in about two hours.

Gregory Copies

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