Mars, back and forth

Approximately every 780 days, the Earth and Mars are in the best position to launch space vehicles from Earth to the Red planet in 2020 “window to Mars” is open from 15 July to 13 August. It was supposed to fly four interplanetary mission, but flew three: the Orbiter, the United Arab Emirates “al-Amal” (Al Amal) and the Chinese mission “Tangwani-1” (China launched Orbiter and the descent module with a Rover) had hit the road, completing “Martian caravan” 2020 American “Mars-2020”.n-European mission “Eczemas-2020” Roskosmos and the European space Agency moved — stepped the pandemic COVID-19, and the organization was unable to provide joint remote control project.

A pass

In fact, the “ExoMars-2020” the problem was not only with the coronavirus and a remote control. Work was late, the European side did not have time to conduct the final tests of the parachutes for the lander after a failed test in August 2019. In addition, the mission had flaws software that programmers offered to solve the “during your flight”. The joint decision was the postponement of the second part of the mission “ExoMars” for 2022.

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