Martian drone passed the last test on Earth

Unmanned Mars Helicopter passed the final examination of their blades in the earth. The next time this device needs to activate them in the Martian atmosphere in the first half of 2021, reported on the website NASA.

The purpose of the drone is the Mars Helicopter is to determine the applicability of such devices for research of hard to reach places on Mars and conduct reconnaissance. The drone is formed by a coaxial helicopter configuration with two contrariwise screws with a diameter of 1.2 meters. The device has a weight of about 1.8 kg and fitted with batteries, podzaryadki from solar panels, a colour camera and navigation systems and data transmission.

Previously carried out test flights of the helicopter in conditions simulating Martian atmosphere, and in March 2020 Mars Helicopter passed the final test in the special air gateway, in which the blade was spun up to a speed of 50 rpm and confirmed the ability to create the desired lifting and traction. In the future, the drone will again be placed in a protective capsule, which will be installed on the lower part of the body of the Rover “Mars-2020”, the next time activating her blade already on Mars.

The start of the mission to be held July 17, 2020, to space vehicles will be displayed with the help of the Atlas 5 rocket, and landing near the crater Lake on Mars is expected on 18 February 2021. Deployment of the UAV will begin after the Rover will find a comfortable place and leave it a drone, after which he will make trial of a 30-second rise by three meters, and then make five long-haul flights, lasting 90 seconds, which will rise to a height of several hundred meters.

Earlier we talked about the draft oktokopter Dragonfly, in 2034 will study the surface and atmosphere of Saturn’s moon Titan.

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